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My bridal styling

My bridal styling.

My mobile bridal service means always booking very individual care. Whether at your home or in the hotel, with or without a day companion.

Even special requests are no problem for me!

The day of the wedding is something very special for every woman, and that's exactly why perfection applies to me.

On your big day, it's not just the perfect dress that counts, but also great make-up with a stunning hairstyle.


Bridal styling is an absolute matter of the heart for me, because it is always wonderful to be part of this magical moment.


It is very important to me that you find yourself in my styling and that you feel completely comfortable in it. I don't want to change you, but rather emphasize your type.

So that your make-up looks good all day and into the night, I only work with high-quality and waterproof products.


I'm happy for you!


Bride Package


Two dates
1x trial styling
1x bridal styling on the wedding day


Bride Package


Two dates
1x trial styling
1x bridal styling on the wedding day
2x stylings for your loved ones e.g. for bride mum

Bride Package


Three dates
- 1x trial styling
- 2x bridal styling on both wedding days

close-up-agency-monaco-maddy-christina t

Bride Package


Two dates
- 1x trial styling
- 2x bridal styling on the wedding day

- 1x styling for z. B. the mother of the bride
- 1x refresher for the photos
- 8 hours of accompaniment a day

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The trial day

At the trial appointment, we will discuss and implement make-up and / or a hairstyle according to your wishes. The rehearsal usually takes place in my small home studio in Trier. . The rehearsal takes about 3 hours and takes place about 3–8 weeks before the wedding day. So you still have enough time to get hair accessories, for example.

If you already have hair accessories or veils, it is best to bring them with you to the trial appointment.

PS Personally, I would prefer if you wait until the trial date to buy hair accessories, as there are so many different variants and it would be a real shame if you buy an unsuitable one too hastily. In my studio I have a few selected magical headpieces that we can try out at the trial date. But you can let off steam after the trial date.

The wedding day

On the wedding day, I will of course come to your home or to the location of your choice to make your day as relaxed as possible. I bring everything we need to bring your styling to perfection. So you can sit back and relax and enjoy the styling.


Due to my relaxed and open manner, I will ensure a pleasant time in the last hours before your wedding and hopefully take away some of your nervousness.


If you want, I can also help you put on your dress so that you can step in front of the altar completely directed and beautiful!


You will be a beautiful bride!

Clip-in extensions

If hair pieces are required for the desired hairstyle, this is not a problem. I work with 'clip-in extensions.

These are incorporated on the wedding day and can then be easily removed yourself.

The clip-in extensions are attached to the prepared hair with special hair clips and ensure long and fuller hair in just a few minutes. (If you bring your own extensions, they should be made of real hair - synthetic ones would only scorch when working with the hot styling devices.)


So that the color of the extensions is perfectly matched to your own hair color and adapts to your own hair as much as possible, we recommend that you determine the right color and length together with me at the trial appointment.

Flower wreaths & flower arrangements

Flower wreaths are trendy in 2019. No wonder, after all, the fairytale headdress underlines the romantic atmosphere of a wedding and transforms every woman into a beautiful bride.

A great eye-catcher at every wedding. The colorful hair accessories are especially effective in open, slightly wavy hair. With romantic braided hairstyles, individual hair blossoms also set great accents.


I will lovingly handcraft your flower wreaths or flower arrangements according to your ideas.

Everything is possible from a simple flower crown to a lush flower crown.

A wreath of flowers is also a beautiful accessory for the bridesmaid or maid of honor and can be designed to match the hair of the bride.


(Price on request)


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