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My make-up workshops

My make-up workshops.

What use are even the best makeup products if you don't know how to use them? Do you want to learn how to properly make-up? Or would you like to work in the beauty sector yourself and as a make-up artist or hairstylist?


Then book your suitable make-up workshop with me and learn how to professionally make-up for yourself or others.


Hairstyling workshop for stylists who want new inspiration or make-up artists who want to continue their education.


Together we respond individually to your needs.

Become a hair & make-up artist

Anwenden von Verfassung

Individual coaching

Become a professional

- Insider tips
- Experience of a photo shoot

- HD make-up

- hairstyling


Make-up masterclass

5 days

- Basic knowledge of make-up & hair

- Materials science
- marketing

- Portfolio construction

- professional photo shoot

Employee training for hairdressers and beauticians

- professional

Make up

- Glasses make-up

- Best-Ager Make-Up

- Glamor make-up

- durable make-up for the bride

Makeup Artist at Work

Hair styling

- Product customer

- hair extension

- curling techniques

- updos

- Teasing

Blonde Welliges Haar

Private styling

Anwenden von Verfassung

Do it yourself

Duration 2-3 hours

- professional


- Tips and Tricks


Mature skin

Two dates
1x trial styling
1x bridal styling on the wedding day
2x stylings for your loved ones e.g. for bride mum


Duration 2-3 hours

- learn how to properly cover blackheads and pimples

- Tips and Tricks

Anwenden von Verfassung

Make-up party

Duration individually

- professional


- Tips and tricks for every type

Freunde Hugging
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